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The courses below are NOT ACCREDITED

These classes are to just help improve your skills and add diifferent nail services within your salon.

StandardNail Course


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3 Day Advanced Nail Course -- already doing nails just wanting to improve on skills and wanting to become accredited

1 Day Encapsulation Acrylic Nails - encapsulate nails with flowers, money, fabrics, metalic nail art pieces and more

1 Day Permanent Acrylic Designs - colour block, create negative space and marbling

1 Day On Top Of The Nail Enhancement - correctly apply products on top of any nail enhancement (transfers, foils, chrome, gel polish, cateye gel polish, raw glitter, 3D acrylic nail art, nail peircings)

1 Day Hand Paint Nail Art - create characters, flowers, lips, butterflies, line art etc using gel polish

1 Day French Tip & Ombre Nails - using white, colour and glitters to create different french and ombre nail effects by using acrylics and gel polishes

1 Day Boujee n Bling Academy - create beautiful nails by using crystals of all sizes shapes and styles, understand how to apply correctly and remove safely.