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Get To KnowNailsBy Alisha


Heyyyy, I'm Alisha also know as Nailsbyalishaxo on instagram. I'm a Birmingham UK based nail technician. I've been qualified in nails since 2012 and started my nail business in 2016. I'm known on instagram as a talented nail artist, who has the eye for utter perfection, and over the last few years I've accomplished alot within my business. I am a, or have been a; 

Swarovski Authorised Nail Educator, International Brand Ambassador, Qualified Teacher & Featured in Scratch Magazine.

I've got a major passion for nails, and I wanted to show you all how much I love what I do by opening up my own offical website BAD B NAIL STUDIO! This site includes many things such as press ons, nail tool and much more. If you've followed me on social media you'll know how passionate I am about what it is I do.

Acrylic nails is my number 1 passion but since we've all been hit by the pandemic of covid-19 ive taken my passion in a different direction. I've focused on creating amazing nails that can be worn any time or day of the year. Boujee n Pressed is a name I choose as I know we all have abit of boujeeness inside us all. So if you're someone who likes my work and wants to keep my beautifully executed, detailed art work and wear them whenever you like, then get ordering now! The press ons are hand crafted and custom made. All the designs are hand painted and made with the best top quality products in the industry.

Within the Bad B Nail Studio i've got my nail supplies store, where you can also purchase nail tools and other things such as glitter, stickers and much more. This is perfect for my everyday client who wants some nail care products to look after their own nails at home, or for nail techs who are up and coming or already established.

So why not have a browse through my website, and have fun shopping. 

I hope this is enough information about myself, please don't forget to take a nailfie or product pics and tag me on insta @nailsbyalishaxo @badbnailstore_nailsbyalishaxo 

or use hashtag #nailsbyalishaxo #badbnailstore

Thankyou for supporting my little business and enjoy shopping.


With Love From Alisha



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